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full court press

"Quick-witted tongue, on-point ear, and truly unique passion for hip hop" -- okayplayer



"Spiritual without being preachy, righteous without being self-righteous, and human without sounding mundane." -- Pitchfork


"With a discerning, critical eye and disarming sense of humour, Shad is a truly balanced artist, carrying himself with an endearing swagger that's free of pretense." -- Spinner




10/11 London, ON – University of Western Ontario
03/12 Mechanicsburg, PA – Messiah College
04/12 New York City, NY - The Studio at Webster Hall
27/03/2015 Toronto, ON - Massey Hall 


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Cuz I don't blog or...

this blog is written, for the most, part by g. Shad'll pipe in every once in a while with a gem.  maybe some of our other friends will too.


Shad - Progress (Part 1: American Pie, Part 2: The Future is Here)

really glad to share this new video for progress (part 1: american pie, part 2: the future is here) - a song about culture and empire and feelings i cant quite explain... heres a note from director justin broadbent:

"The death of music is similar to the death of visual art. The online, numb, browsing experience has (naturally) started to effect the current state of art. We’ve become a Tumblr’d culture, over Googled, educated and bored in 4 seconds or shorter.

"I made a non-music video for Shad’s “Progress”. It’s a website. It’s a comment on the state of art and also maybe the only video that could attach to such an intensely accurate and poignant song for our generation. It is like the movie credits to now. Tumblr on."


Shad & DJ T.LO - Always Winnin


106 & Park The Backroom: Shad’s the Next ‘Rap Genius’

BETs 106andPark hosts Shad for one of their Backroom sessions.  Click here.


Shad - MGD (draft day dub)


Shad - koko b ware ("strictly for my jeeps" dub)