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Cuz I don't blog or...

Shad & DJ T.Lo - Boarding Pass EP


Shad | NYC | Dec 4


Shad plays The Studio at Webster Hall (125 E 11th St., New York, NY) on December 4.

Tickets available: here.

Shouts to our local openers, Kahli Abdu & VHS Safari, and Jay Wirth, as well as our DJs, OP! (I Love Vinyl) and Bambii (Toronto).

Thanks going out to our promotional partners as well: 2DopeBoyz, Fusicology, Brooklyn Radio, Lyrics to Go, I Love Vinyl, Coal Headwear and Later Mag.


Shad on KUBE 93's Sound Session (2014)

good convo here with the homies in seattle. grateful to be supported by one of the best hip hop shows this side of pretty much anywhere... salute!



Shad - Progress (Part 1: American Pie, Part 2: The Future is Here)

really glad to share this new video for progress (part 1: american pie, part 2: the future is here) - a song about culture and empire and feelings i cant quite explain... heres a note from director justin broadbent:

"The death of music is similar to the death of visual art. The online, numb, browsing experience has (naturally) started to effect the current state of art. We’ve become a Tumblr’d culture, over Googled, educated and bored in 4 seconds or shorter.

"I made a non-music video for Shad’s “Progress”. It’s a website. It’s a comment on the state of art and also maybe the only video that could attach to such an intensely accurate and poignant song for our generation. It is like the movie credits to now. Tumblr on."


Shad & DJ T.LO - Always Winnin