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full court press

"Quick-witted tongue, on-point ear, and truly unique passion for hip hop" -- okayplayer



"Spiritual without being preachy, righteous without being self-righteous, and human without sounding mundane." -- Pitchfork


"With a discerning, critical eye and disarming sense of humour, Shad is a truly balanced artist, carrying himself with an endearing swagger that's free of pretense." -- Spinner




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Cuz I don't blog or...

this blog is written, for the most, part by g. Shad'll pipe in every once in a while with a gem.  maybe some of our other friends will too.


Remember to Remember feat. Lights (Video)

Director: Justin Broadbent
Producer: The Field
DP: Guy Godfree
Styling: Alana Ka'kia
Hair & Makeup: Misty Fox
Choreography: Bree Wasylenko


Tour Merch - Now Online!

Shouts to everybody who came and supported us on the Flying Colours tour.  We're back home now and have CDs, Vinyl, Sweatshirts, tanks and t's for sale online.  Click here.



Verse Unheard

Shouts to the good folks at Duck Down Music for including Shad in their Verse Unheard series.


Flying Colours. 

well we've arrived!

it's a joy to finally get to share this new music with you. big thanks to everyone who ordered the album - im moved by your support :)

for me, this album is about a lot of things: it's about standing tall, and falling down, and picking yourself back up. it's about doing that repeatedly even though it's crazy annoying. it's about the time(s) someone or something picked you up cuz you couldn't do it anymore. it's about slowly, painfully putting one foot in front of the other. then looking back after a while and seeing how far you've come. it's about coming full circle. it's about sitting still. it's about home. it's about trying even if you fail. it's about the feeling you get when someone you love tells you they're proud of you. 

i feel like i learned a lot and grew a lot over the last couple years working on this album. im blessed to have a strong team, incredible friends, and supportive fans. 

thanks for making my life better. 

hope you enjoy!


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